B.S.E jam

Headed down to B.S.E skatepark jam last week and took some snaps. Below is my favourite from the day sized up for macbook wallpaper. View it large! 


a walk with ben and polaroids of helen...

A few days ago I went on a walk with Ben and he kindly let me take his photograph...

I also forgot to upload the polaroids from the day with helen so here they are..


Summer this year just keeps getting better. Still no job, still partying more and more and I've started picking up my camera more. Helen is back from uni and we went on a walk and shot some pictures. All can be seen on my flickr... CLICK!  Here are some of my favourites from the day...


big update. summer time.

long long time again since my last post. lots has changed. Im done with uni for the summer. I  quit my job to have a fun summer. Ive made lots of new friends and been to new places. Im in love with everywhere that isnt home and everyone that is new. I dont want to stay here any longer. I now need to get away. Cant wait for the last year of uni to be over! Photographically I have been shooting on and off. Shot some photos of a drifting event a few weeks back but the most interesting image from the day was at lunch time...

Festival season is now here and i have just come back from the 1st of many. Beach break live in wales. good weather, good people and good music. got a few shots im happy with including this one. 

just before breaking up for summer I shot a portrait project in which i had to capture more than just a face, but to capture some personality of the subject. I was very happy with the outcome of the shoot. A select few of the final shots...


And a very long while ago now I shot some photos with a friend who was back from uni for a week. we just experimented with light and clothing, nothing special but got some really good results that I am happy with.

I am very much intrigued by using natural light at the moment and havnt even looked at my flash gun for months. I have had a bit of a block for a while as well as being busy. 
Summer is here and I am hoping it brings inspiration along with the sunshine!


long long time since my last entry, been busy with christmas, the new year, working lots and stressing over uni. all is well and ive been getting things ready for my next assessment which is only a few days away now!

Had a few hours with a friend who was back for xmas and shot some photos of her. think they turned out quite nicely...

Most recently, just got my new baby... my first medium format camera, ebay is the way forward. I will update with some photos from it once I have learnt the ins and outs and shot my 1st roll of 120! so excited.


I've been in the studio twice this week at uni... seemed to get nothing done other than learn a little about lighting by trying to light a wine glass as you can see below. turned out ok i guess. nothing special. Went to london last week to vision... got to play around with lots of expensive nikons :) i want me one! 


Danish people and good music.

Today brought me a facebook message from a friend i met at v festival. He was hitchhiking with the guys i was working with. He had been hitchhiking from his home of denmark around europe for a few months and some how ended up in v festival, this was many months ago and i just got a message from him. Random things always make you smile :).

A few minutes ago i heard a voice i recgonised on radio 1... she has a new song and it goes a little like this..


Good day :)

Today has been long, another 7 oclock start but for once it was worth it. Had some time in the studio shooting products, got the go ahead for my idea for my shoot next week from my tutor and got asked to help out with a photoshoot with  rekha garton Got involved and the result can be seen here. more will be added so i have been told. All in all a good day! 


Does My Dub Look Big In This?? by RocksteadyUK

Another banger to keep me company at night from rocksteadyuk

RocksteadyUK - Does My Dub Look Big In This??  by  RocksteadyUK


Getting obsessed with oasis again. Cannot stop listening to them! bringing back memories of the gig i went to in the summer. Im not religious but Noel Gallagher is God.

Most recent fave from youtube, just got ableton to try and learn to do minimixes and was browsing youtube for tutorials when i came across this guy. He should get a job but man is he good.

Uploaded a few more pictures to my flickr tonight, this is one of my favo from them. Shot is from a visit to bournemouth to see my girlfriend. We went to christchurch and went on a wander around… this photo is mid-wander.

friday night dubstep

verrrr bored this friday evening, got work in 8 hours, heres a few dubstep beats i chucked together, live mix.

friday night dubstep beats  by  domstuart
"You and I are gonna live forever"